Philippa Blair


Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, NZ

One of Blair’s greatest assets is her sense of rhythm………….. The rhythm generated can be the digital pulse of the photocopier, scanner and bar code, or the notation for contemporary techno or drum n’ bass music. This strength of regular rhythm creates a bass(or indeed a booming bass) for the organic gesture and celebratory funky color-Blair’s melody.

Like a dance party or the noises of facsimile and the internet, you not only hear it you feel it.

Blair’s lines of richly applied paint shake as if the technology of humans is being threatened by natural force.

The geographical reference is there again, the vibrations moving across the canvas like those recorded on a seismograph of fault lines around the Pacific’s Ring of Fire, from the San Andreas Fault to New Zealand.

Mark Amery
Evening Post, Wellington, New Zealand